Find a Specific Text Associated with a Census Record

This example shows you how to search for the term 'disegno' in a Postclassical written source.

  1. Open Advanced Search.

  2. Select the Object Type 'Postclassical Work'.

  3. If desired, use the Name field to search for a specific postclassical source for the text passage you are looking for (for example, if the text you are looking for is a common phrase).

  4. Scroll to the Texts / Transcriptions panel and open it.

  5. Under Texts, start typing the word 'disegno' in the Transcription field and select the appropriate match from the suggestions that appear.

  6. In the Advanced Search window, click the Add to Search button at the bottom right.

  7. The search will be started automatically and you will receive your results.

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