Detail View Menu Bar

The Detail view of a record offers various functions that can be activated via the buttons in the top menu bar.

  1. The left button shows the hierarchical structure of the object in the current detail view. Read more about the hierarchical structure of the Census data records here.

  1. Using the second button on the left side, you can switch the Image Preview on and off.

  1. To download an image, click the first button on the right side. Please note that this only appears if the record contains an image available for download. For more on downloading images, see here.

  1. Using the middle button on the right side, you can switch directly to the full-screen mode of the image display. Here, you can see the image in full resolution and enlarge it. You can also browse through the gallery to see other images displayed in the current search.

  1. The button on the far-right side can be used to access additional functions via a menu window. More information on these functions can be found in the sections on Change History, Searching using Detail View, Downloading Images, and Printing PDFs.

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