Person Records

The Person Object Type records provide information about a specific person, such as the location and dates of the person's birth and death (under Birth Event and Death Event fields, respectively). Person records may also contain alternative names for the person (Alias field), comments about the person (Comments field), Authority data about the person (Authority Lists field), and the Antique Monuments and/or Postclassical Works with which the person is associated (Antique Monument and Postclassical Work fields, respectively).

The records of the Object type 'Person' can be attached to records of the Object types Antique Monuments, Postclassical Works, and Locations, where persons are identified as actors.

You can access and search all of the Person records in the Census by clicking on the Person icon on the left-hand menu:

After clicking on the Person icon, you can search all person records using the free-text search field or using Advanced search.

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