Deleting, Moving, and Comparing Records in Collections

Deleting Records

To delete an object from a collection, select the record, go to the button with three dots on the upper-right corner of the results display and select Remove record from collection.

Moving Records

Items in collections can also be rearranged and moved between collections using drag-and-drop.

Comparing Records

When searching, it can be helpful to view records of a search result in direct comparison. To do this, select the desired data records by holding down the SHIFT key and left-click, then right-click to select Compare X objects:

The selected records are then displayed side by side in an enlarged view:

Above the displayed records, you can now choose between a normal and a comparative display:

Using the button with the three dots, you can also make individual settings to the comparative display: image only, image and metadata, metadata only, and number of records per page:

Within a collection, you can also switch to a comparative view of all data entries. To do this, activate the middle button (Compare view) on the left above the overview of the data records:

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