Texts / Transcriptions

If the accessed Postclassical Work contains written notes, page numbering, inscriptions, or more extensive sections of text, these texts are transcribed in the Texts / Transcriptions section.

The Transcription field contains the transcription of the written element of the postclassical work.

In the field Type of Text the type of this textual element is described (e.g., foliation, measurement, identification, description, etc.). The field Position indicates the position within the work (e.g., 'top left corner' or 'at the right margin').

In the field URL, an internet source for the transcription is given, if available.

In Comments, you will find notes from Census editors, which can refer to any part of the transcription and which, for example, offer additions or more detailed explanations. The comment itself appears in the Comment field. The Earliest Date of Comment and Latest Date of Comment fields are used to indicate when the comment or note was written. In the field Author of Comment, the name of the person who wrote the comment is given.

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