🚰Filter Function

IMPORTANT: The filters can be used only after you have already started a search and the first search results are displayed.

A search can also be narrowed down by using the Filter function. This function can be combined with the Advanced Search and with the use of keywords and operators in the search field.

The Filter function also has the advantage that it displays search results in subgroups. This gives an overview of all possible intersections of a certain search term with various parameters, such as Object Types, Persons, Places or Media, etc. With the help of the Filter function, one can get an overview of the differeent types of data that are retrieved by searching in the Census.

The 'Filter' menu is located on the left side below the search line and can be opened by clicking on the appropriate button.

You will then find various subsets of data in the Filter menu, which you can use to narrow down a set of results further. The number of records contained in each subset is displayed to the right of the subset. For example, there are 1,001 Postclassical Works and 476 Antique Monuments in the Census that result from a search using the keyword Apollo. There are a total of 26 records related to this keyword that contain downloadable images.

In this section you will find three examples of how to narrow down your search results using the Filter function:

pageFilter by AliaspageFilter by MediumpageFilter by Location

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