Postclassical Work Records

The Label name of the Postclassical Work appears in large, dark font and below it, the Object Type (Postclassical Work) and the CensusID.

If the object is subordinate to another object in a hierarchy, the hierarchically superordinate records appear in grey above the title (you can read more about the hierarchical data structure of the Census data here). In this case, plate 86 is a page in the volume 'De' Cavalieri III-IV, 1594'.

The pool in which the record is kept is then displayed (Census). Below this, if applicable, a tag appears to indicate that images associated with this record are available for download in accordance with the relevant copyright license.

If the accessed Postclassical Work is hierarchically subordinate to another Postclassical Work, the parent Postclassical Work or father entry is displayed again in the Parent entry field.

To access the Parent entry, click on the line with three dots to the right of the image thumbnail, then select Open Full Record to go to the Detail view of the parent entry, or select Show in Quick View to view the record in a pop-up window.

In the Label Name field, the name designating the work is indicated. Aliases or alternative names for the Antique Monument are provided in the Overview section.

Underneath you will find the following fields:

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