📂Sort Function

The Sort Function offers you the possibility of sorting the display of your search results according to certain criteria and thus getting a better overview.

The Sort button below the search field can be used to open the sort menu:

All results are sorted in descending order from the newest to the earliest entries. In addition, you can prioritize different characteristics and select the direction of sorting (ascending or descending). On the left side of the menu list, you can see the search criteria, which you can activate by selecting one of the three priority levels (1st/2nd/3rd). For example, if priority 1 is set to CensusID, the results will then be sorted according to Census IDs. Under Direction you can also select whether you want the sorting to be applied in ascending or descending order according to a certain criterion (Ascending / Descending). You can then choose which field determines the second and third priority in the overall sorting of your search results.

Depending on which object types are activated in the Sources Menu, the list of criteria for the sort function changes. Therefore, pay attention to which selection you have made in the 'Sources' menu.

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