Detail View

IMPORTANT: you can enlarge or reduce the area of the Detail view by moving the mouse over the dividing line between the results display and the Detail view and then dragging it to the left or right. You can also reduce or enlarge the image preview by dragging the bottom of the image up or down.
IMPORTANT: it is recommended to always keep the 'Show hierarchy' and the 'Show/hide image preview' buttons in Detail view (
) selected, so that you can orient yourself within the hierarchical structure of the data and see the images attached to a particular record.
Detail view shows the detailed record of an object, i.e., all collected metadata for an object. To view a specific record from your search results in 'Detail view,' you can double-click on the preview image in the results display. The 'Detail view' then appears in the right-hand column.
When the Show hierarchy button is selected (
), the hierarchical structure of the data appears on the left, which in the example below allows you to see that the record 'A' is a record subordinate to fol. 05 v of the Taccuino Senese.
When the Show/hide image preview button is selected (
), the image attached to the record appears in the preview window.