Step 4: If Desired, Limit Search Results

The data in the Census is organised hierarchically: the Pantheon, for example, is a top-level entry that includes many sub-entries underneath it (the cella of the Pantheon, the portico of the Pantheon, etc.). The Codex Coburgensis is a top-level entry that includes all of the pages of the Codex as sub-entries.

In the Census, by default users will automatically retreive all possible hits for a search. A search for the Codex Coburgensis thus brings up the top-level record for the Codex AND all sub-records, that is, all pages of the Codex.

By selecting an appropriate hierarchy level, you can choose to search only top-level records (records that are not subordinate to other records). This method is useful, for example, when searching for the Codex Coburgensis or the Pantheon itself rather than a particular page of the Codex Coburgensis, or a particular column of the Pantheon.

To change this default setting, choose โ€˜Top-level onlyโ€™ from the drop down menu labelled โ€˜Hierarchy: automaticโ€™.

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