To access the records listed under Relationships, click on the line with three dots located immediately to the left of the image thumbnail. You can then select either Open Full Record to go to the Detail view of this record or select Show in Quick View to view the record in a pop-up window:

Under Relationships, records of the object types Antique Monuments and Postclassical Works that are related to the Antique Monument are listed. They are each displayed with a small preview image and their superordinate parent entry, which appears in grey above the title (see image below).

Listed under Related Postclassical Work(s) are Postclassical Works that relate to the Ancient Monument, such as drawings or inventories.

Listed under Related Antique Monument(s) are Antique Monuments that are related to the accessed Antique Monument. The object is listed in the field Antique Monument, and the type of its relationship to the current monument is indicated in the field Type of Relationship. 'Original' indicates that the linked monument is the original and the accessed monument is a replica of it. 'Replica' means that the linked Antique Monument is a replica of the accessed Antique Monument. 'Parallel Replica' means that both the accessed Antique Monument and the linked Antique Monument are replicas of one and the same original.

Listed under Later Known Replicas are replicas of the current Antique Monument that were created after the antique era. The Location field references the current location of the replica.

Under Identifiers, data that identifies the replica are given. The Identifier and Type fields assign an identifying designation to the object (e.g., inventory number). In the field Identifier Used By, the organization that uses this designation is indicated. Under Identifier Sources, sources that substantiate the object's designation are given. These can be Postclassical Works (Postclassical Works field), Antique Monuments (Antique Monuments field) or bibliographic sources (Bibliographic Reference field).

Under Comments, you will find any comments pertaining to the replica. The comment itself appears in the Comment field. In Author of Comment, the person who wrote the comment or note is named. The Earliest Date of Comment and Latest Date of Comment fields delimit the period in which the comment was written.

Under Web Resource(s), internet resources related to the replica are listed. The URL field shows the web address, and the Title field gives the name of the internet resource. Under Images, image files for the replica are displayed, if applicable.

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