Partner Projects of the Census Database

The Census database has been supplemented through cooperation with the following partner research projects:

HistArtAntSI, Historical Memory, Antiquarian Culture, Artistic Patronage: Social Identities in the Centres of Southern Italy

HistArtAntSI was an ERC-funded project that ran between 2011 and 2016 at the UniversitΓ  degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (principal investigator Bianca de Divitiis). It was devoted to the study of texts and the re-use and collecting of antique in strategies of self-representation among local communities in the Regno di Napoli from the Middle Ages to the early modern period. In 2019, HistArtAntSi contributed 142 Census records, and in 2023-2024 is in the process of adding further records.

Strada: Jacopo Strada’s Magnum ac Novum Opus: A Sixteenth-Century Numismatic Corpus

This DFG-funded partner project (2015-2022, principal investigator Martin Mulsow) was devoted to Jacopo Strada's numismatic drawings in his sixteenth-century Magnum ac Novum Opus. The project added 1,779 Antique Monument records (the antique coins referenced in Strada's drawings) as well as 4,902 Postclassical Works to the Census database. Another complimentary database tied to the Strada project is Translatio Nummorum, hosted by the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence.

Corpus Winckelmann

Between c. 2009 und 2016, the Corpus Winckelmann added to the Census database c. 9.500 quotations from the writings of Johann Joachim Winckelmann und c. 5.000 entries for other types of Postclassical Works from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Corpus Medii Aevi

Between c. 2009 und 2015, the Corpus Medii Aevi supplemented the Census database with c. 170 records related to the reception of antiquity in the visual arts of the Middle Ages.

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