Find Records Related to a Specific Antique Monument

Method 1. This method will allow you to find all Postclassical Works (e.g. drawings, textual passages in printed guidebooks, prints) that are related to a specific Antique Monument. As an example, we will search for all Postclassical Works related to the ancient statue of Apollo Belvedere.

  1. Select ONLY 'Postclassical Work' in the Sources Menu (accessed under 'Choose a Data Set to Search').

  2. Without putting any key words in the search bar, simply hit ENTER. This will bring up all Postclassical Works in the Census database.

  3. In the Filter menu on the left, locate the filter for Related Antique Monuments.

  4. You can then find the Apollo Belvedere by clicking on the 'More' button at the bottom of the list:

A new window appears in which one can conduct a keyword search to find the Apollo Belvedere, or any other Antique Monument:

Method 2. This alternative method of performing this type of search will allow you to find not only the Postclassical Works related to the Apollo Belvedere, but also the Antique Monuments which are linked to the statue.

  1. Ensure that both 'Antique Monument' and 'Postclassical Work' are selected in the Sources Menu (accessed under 'Choose a Data Set to Search').

  2. Open the Advanced Search window at the end of the search bar.

  3. Select the option All Object Types

  4. Locate the menu for Linked Object Types

  1. Scroll down to the field Antique Monument.

  2. Now click on the line with three dots at the end of the field. A new window opens with a search field at the top. Search for the statue of the Apollo Belvedere.

  3. When you have found your object, choose it by clicking on it, then click on the button Select 1 in the lower right corner of the window.

  1. Now click on Add to Search in the Advanced search window.

  1. Now your search appears in the search field.

  2. You can now find all of the results and work with them using the Filter function, by changing the Display settings, and by using the Sort function. In the filter column on the left, you can now see how many records are linked to the Apollo Belvedere: one Antique Monument and 162 Postclassical Works.

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