Bibliography Records

The secondary Object Type Bibliography are records with bibliographic information linked to the primary object types, Antique Monuments and Postclassical Works.

In addition to entire books, individual essays, or postclassical sources such as codices or manuscripts, records in 'Bibliography' also include online resources such as entries in online collections. In addition, specific text passages are treated as independent records in the database.

Each bibliographic reference is then identified by a CensusID.

The records in 'Bibliography' are organized in a hierarchical structure. The parent bibliographic source of each record is highlighted in gray and appears above the record title and in the record field Parent entry. The specific page number or catalogue entry of the bibliographic reference (Short Citation field) is displayed below, followed by the full version of the bibliographic reference (Full Citation field).

If applicable, associated Antique Monuments or Postclassical Works, image files, and supplementary comments by the Census editors are also displayed in the Bibliography records (in the fields Antique Monument, Postclassical Work, Image, and Comments).

Finally, the entry provides information on the date when the bibliographic record was first inserted (Date inserted field).

You can access and search all of the Bibliography records in the Census by clicking on the bibliography icon on the left-hand menu:

After clicking on the Bibliography icon, you can search all bibliography records using the free-text search field or using Advanced search.

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