Step 8: Explore Records in the Detail View

IMPORTANT: By searching for Antique Monument or Postclassical Work records and then exploring these records in Detail View, you will find all relevant images and be able to discover the relationships between the Antique Monuments and Postclassical Works.

Select a record from your search results to view it in the Detail View to access the core data of the Census database.

Detail View allows you to access relationships between Antique Monuments and Postclassical Works in addition to associated records in the Secondary Object types (Image, Bibliography, Person, Period, Location, and Style).

Data Contained in Antique Monument and Postclassical Work Records

For further information about the data contained in the records for Antique Monuments and Postclassical Works, folllow the links below.

Antique Monument
Postclassical Work

Data Contained in Bibliography, Location, Person, Period, Image and Style Records

For further information about the data contained in these records, follow the links below.

pageBibliography RecordspageLocation RecordspagePerson RecordspagePeriod RecordspageImage RecordspageStyle Records

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