Location Records

The Location Object Type includes records for various locations such as countries, cities, museums, or private collections.

Each record contains information about alternative names of the location (Aliases field), the type of the location (Type field, e.g., archive, collection, or part of a building), persons related to the location (Related Person(s) field), the nature of this connection (Relationship field) as well as the geocoordinates of the location, if applicable, in the fields Latitude and Longitude.

In addition, a location may be subdivided into several buildings, which are then listed in the Buildings field, if applicable. In addition, so-called identifiers, i.e., authority files or institutional designations for the identification of the location, are specified under the Authority Lists field (more information on Authority data can be found here). The Antique Monument and Postclassical Work fields list those antique monuments and postclassical works that are currently located at the Location.

The records in Location are organized hierarchically. For example, museums are subordinate to the cities in which they are located, and the cities, in turn, are subordinate to the countries in which they are located. The hierarchical levels can be seen above the title of the location and are also displayed in the parent entry field:

You can access and search all of the Location records in the Census by clicking on the Location icon on the left-hand menu:

After clicking on the Location icon, you can search all location records using the free-text search field or using Advanced search.

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