Image Records

The Image Object Type contains image files.

Each image file is titled by a number, which is preceded by the letters 'HU' (Humboldt-UniversitΓ€t). If an image is available for download, a green tag will appear at the beginning of the image record, with an indication of the copyright license that governs its usage. More about copyright licenses for images can be found here.

Below, in addition to the image source (Source field) and the exact copyright information (Copyright field), a brief description of the image is also displayed (Description field). The Location field indicates the digital collection from which the image reproduction was obtained by the Census.

Identifiers provide additional metadata that identifies the image file. The Identifier Content field indicates the full file name or inventory number of the original file. Under Identifier Source, the institution from which the identifier originated is displayed. At the end of the record, under Antique Monument or Postclassical Work, the Antique Monument or Postclassical Work shown in the image is displayed.

You can access and search all of the Image records in the Census by clicking on the Image icon on the left-hand menu:

After clicking on the Image icon, you can search all image records using the free-text search field or using Advanced search.

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