Filter by Location

Filter search results to find all Antique Monuments in the Census that are located in the Uffizi Museum in Florence.

  1. In the Sources Menu (Accessed via the button, 'Choose a Data Set to Search'), select 'Antique Monument' or 'Postclassical Work'), select Antique Monument and ensure that Postclassical Work is not selected.

  2. Hit ENTER to retreive all Antique Monuments in the Census database.

  3. Open the Filter and scroll down to Current Location.

  4. Select Italy, which will open up the regions of Italy. Select Toscana, then the metropolitan area of Firenze, then the city of Firenze, then the museum 'Firenze, Uffizi'.

As an alternative method, one could select Antique Monument and Postclassical Work in the Sources Menu (Accessed via the button 'Choose a Data Set to Search') and hit ENTER. Open the Filter menu, find the Object Type subfield and select Antique Monument. Then follow steps 3 and 4 above.

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