Setting up Collections

As a User Account holder, you can create and manage individual collections of records. There are several methods you can use to create a collection.

Create a Collection: Method 1

One method is to create an empty collection with a specific title and gradually fill it with records. To do this

  1. Click on the + icon in the lower-left corner of the Quick Access column:

  2. You can then enter a title for your collection before clicking SAVE:

  1. After naming the collection, it will appear in My Collections. You may have to reload the display first by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner:

  1. To add records to a Collection, follow the instructions here.

Create a Collection: Method 2

You can also create a collection with selected records from search result.

  1. Select all search results you want to save as a collection. You can select groups of records by holding down the SHIFT key and selecting sequential records from the search results; by holding the OPTION key and clicking on individual records to select them; or by clicking on the button with three dots on the upper-right corner of the results display to select an entire page of records (the number of records displayed per page can be set by following these instructions). Drag the group of records directly into the collection in the Quick Access Column.

  2. Click on the button with three-dots in the upper right-hand corner of the results display.

  3. Go to Selection in Collection and select My Collection. After entering a title, click SAVE.

Renaming, Copying, or Deleting a Collection

You can also rename, copy, or delete an entire collection. To do this, right-click the desired collection under My Collections and select the relevant action.

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