To access the records listed under Relationships, click on the line with three dots located immediately to the left of the image thumbnail. You can then select either 'Open Full Record' to go to the Detail view of this record, or select 'Show in Quick View' to view the record in a pop-up window:

Under Relationships, records of the object types Antique Monuments and Postclassical Works that are related to the Postclassical work are listed. They are each displayed with a small preview image and their superordinate parent entry, which appears in grey above the title (see image below).

Listed under Related Antique Monument(s) are Antique Monuments that relate to the accessed Postclassical Work.

Listed under Related Postclassical Work(s) are Postclassical Work that relate to the accessed Postclassical Work.

Under Relation Type, the nature of the relationship is described. For example, other Postclassical Works can refer to the same Antique Monument as the accessed Postclassical Work. These relationships are described as 'Parallel Copy.' In addition, a Postclassical Work may itself have served as a model or archetype for other Postclassical Work, for example, in the case of a print that was copied several times. These copies are then listed here as 'Copies.' If the accessed Postclassical Work is a copy of another Postclassical work, this Postclassical Work is related to the accessed Postclassical Work as an 'archetype'.

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