Contents of the Census Database

The two main categories of records in the Census dataset are Antique Monuments and Postclassical Works. Antique Monuments include ancient statues, buildings and coins, inscriptions, mosaics, paintings and other objects created between c. the 5th century BCE and the 4th century CE.

The category Postclassical Works consists of artworks such as prints, drawings, statuettes, and texts such as guidebooks. The Postclassical Works in the Census were primarily created between 1400-1600 in Western Europe, particularly Italy. In addition to the records concerning these core topics, collaborating projects have also added records that relate to earlier and later historical periods.

The other object types in the database (Person, Bibliography, Style, Period, Location, and Image) provide supplementary information about Antique Monuments and Postclassical Works and about the relationships between these two primary categories.

The Census database includes a total of over 200,000 entries recording Antique Monuments, Postclassical Works, locations, persons, dates, artistic styles, events, bibliography and images. There are approximately 20,500 Antique Monuments represented in the Census, and as of 2023 there are more than 64,000 records of the Object type Postclassical Work, including all subdivisions of codices, drawing books, textual sources and other sources modelled in the database.

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